Focus on Lawrence B Songa

Lawrence B Songa won

46 years
Ora County
For Constituency Representative (MP) on NRM ticket

Peoples-centered / Community representative, listener and lobbyist for:

  • Promotion of Rural socio-economic empowerment and development
  • Education with special focus on girl child
  • Maternal and Child Health Initiatives 
  • Small farmers, agriculture, agro-industry and markets
  • Environment and resources sustainability 
  • Micro-credit initiatives to women cooperatives
  • Income generating alternatives for middle-aged (36-65)families
  • Social Entrepreneurship and Projects for all

Lawrence Biyika SONGA is a well-accomplished academic, networker, lobbyist, policy adviser, politician, a pan Africanism defender, and a development cooperation negotiator. 

He holds a master of science in Environment and Natural Resources as well as a Master Of Business Administration (MBA) and a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Management. His Pre-Tertiary Education included Zale Primary School, Papoga Primary School and Sts. Peter &Paul Seminary Pokea-Arua for both ‘A’ and ‘O’ levels

In addition, from several institutions and universities around the world, Lawrence holds various training certificates such as: Sustainability of food systems: global life cycle perspectives, international organisations management, introduction to environmental law and policy, leading strategic innovations in organisations, competitive strategy, policies for improved land management and poverty reduction, mentoring and strengthening participatory rural community based natural resource, collaborative management of forests for poverty reduction and sustainable organic agriculture.

Lawrence was involved in various academic, research programmes such as alternative growth scenarios/pathways, sustainable land management, agriculture, small holder famers, land based investments, climate change, anthropogenic-natural resources nexus and rural health sector retention.

Lawrence is a believer in socio-economic empowerment and transformation and earned a reputation working across a broad spectrum and effectively articulates local to regional and global development issues pertaining to: south-south cooperation, north-south cooperation, Africa opportunities, small holder farmers and markets, peace and conflict resolution and development cooperation.

Lawrence has worked extensively in organisational and programmes development in technical areas of environment, natural resources, agriculture and rural development perspectives in general at local to international levels involving local and international civil society organisations/networks, governments, academia, development partners and the private sector organisations in the Horn of Africa and South East Asia.

Lawrence also has been involved with President Obama’s Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) as a Mentor, Speaker and Facilitator as well as active member of Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) focusing on management tools to tackle the young generation’s greatest challenges: Civic Engagement/Leadership, Education, Entrepreneurship/Economic Development, And Environment Protection.

In addition to serving in various leadership positions at community, college, universities and regional networks, Lawrence consulted widely for various local and international organisations and was involved in various development issues, negotiations and discussions including hot topics of environment, climate change, food and nutrition security, conflicts, peace, democracy, market driven economy, human rights, global institutions, systemic change and development cooperation

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