Focus on Yoweri K Museveni


Yoweri K Museveni won

76 years
For President on NRM ticket
  • Security, good governance and democracy
  • Growth, employment and micro-economic stability
  • Public and private sector institutional development
  • Continue infrastructure development around transport and energy sectors
  • Continued investments in health services and infrastructure
  • Enhance quality of education, teachers welfare and infrastructure development
  • Continue with goal to transform Uganda from subsistence to commercial farming with 4 Acre model
  • Invest in human capacity especially youth and women
  • Harnessing natural resources
  • Instilling patriotism
  • Emphasis on lands, housing and urban development
  • Support the construction and redevelopment of culture and entertainment infrastructure
  • Enhancing jobs and wealth creation
  • International and regional cooperation

Museveni is the seating President of the Republic of Uganda and Chairman of the National Resistance Movement party. 

He was born in Ntungamo in south-western Uganda in 1944 and attended Kyamate Primary School in Ntungamo, Mbarara High School, and Ntare School. 

In 1967, he went to the University of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania, where, he studied economics and political science. While at university, he formed the University Students' African Revolutionary Front activist group and led a student delegation to FRELIMO territory in Mozambique, then under Portuguese rule.

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Other ways you can reach this candidate

Party: +256 414 346295

Facebook: Yoweri Kaguta Museveni
Twitter: @KagutaMuseveni