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Robinah Nanyunja

29 years
Kawempe North Division
For Constituency Representative (MP) on IND ticket

To Create millions of Decent & Green Jobs By Building Social Businesses & Reviving Cooperatives for Mass production of Goods and Services For Local & International Markets;

I will work with all people to reduce poverty through the following strategies:
  • Putting People First
    Time for big politics- Politics for people’s needs, Politics of love and friendship, politics for partnership- partnership with all people; partnership with environment, partnership with the future generation; Protecting the environment to improve the quality of life of the people; Bringing communities together for nation building; Transforming lives; Restoring hope.
  • Investing in people to create millions of jobs
    We are responsible for each other!

    Bringing communities to work together, transforming lives, Partnering with communities to determine their own destiny; Economic Independence; Entrepreneurship in communities; Bringing everyone onboard (Women; Youth, Men, People with Disabilities and everyone) to work as a team to re-build our lives and our nation. Empowering small scale businesses; Building capacity; Raising Human Potential; Boosting Talents; Learning on the job; Quality Production; Excellency; Education; Skills. My leadership is a skills revolution leadership.
  • Local and International Partnerships
    I have partnerships in over 100 countries globally all desiring to do business and getting imports from Uganda and Africa at large. I will bring on board our international development partners and investors from all over the world to work with us and prosper together.
  • Giving Every Child the best possible chance in life to Succeed
    The Education system in Uganda continues to be theoretical producing job seekers other than job makers. This has created massive unemployment in the country and under-utilization of human potential. I will work with schools to boost Entrepreneurship to enrich the formal education curriculum so that the young generation is equipped with innovative skills early enough in life. I will make sure that children with disabilities are taken to school to specifically benefit from entrepreneurship efforts to equip them with life sustaining skills to be able to depend on their own efforts.

    Furthermore, I will contact my friends and partners from around the world to work with me to finance the education of some of the most vulnerable children who without my support would find it difficult to attain formal education.
  • Environmental Responsibility
    Our children and the future generation have a right to live a better quality of life and access environmental resources by ensuring that our actions don’t put into consideration environmental responsibility. We have to be accountable to our children and the future generations by leaving behind a better world than we found. I will work with all stakeholders to promote renewable energy and all other environmentally friendly technologies to boost a green economy. 

Robinah K. Nanyunja is an Environmentalist, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and a Charitable Leader. A longtime advocate of sustainable development, Nanyunja began her career as an international research fellow, researching and analyzing development and environmental projects with various institutions in Uganda and across the globe. Since then, she has remained focused to contribute to community development using her environmental qualifications, personal experiences and hands on training and demonstrations. In 2006, she founded her own organization, Pilot International, whose objective is “to promote global, sustainable development for the benefit of humanity and the planet. Pilot International was the first private sector driven International Organization based in Uganda, whose purpose is to promote global sustainable development for the benefit of humanity and the planet. Since its foundation, Pilot International has continued to be dedicated to provide a global platform to its members, partners, subscribers and environmental responsible minds to promote Global Sustainability by provision of direct business, funding and partnership opportunities and linkages through International conferences, Publishing and Dissemination, Membership services, Projects, Rewarding and celebrating Global Innovations. As well as to achieve 3 of the millennium development goals, such as, MDG3: Promoting Gender Equality& Women Empowerment; MDG7: Ensuring Environmental Sustainability and MDG8: Developing a Global Partnership for Development.

Through Pilot International, she has provided a platform to attract environmental friendly investments to Uganda and Africa in general, linking Africa to Africa and Africa to the world. The results of these efforts have been the companies and investment opportunities and projects which have been established bringing in foreign currency to Uganda and African in general as a result of the Pilot International Conferences. These projects and investments have provided hundreds of short and long-term jobs to Ugandans, which has resulted into an improved quality of life.

Besides this, Nanyunja has spearheaded several successful sustainable development projects in local communities, empowering local groups to take ownership of the projects and continue to implement them as a result of her guidance. Notably, she is implementing a community initiative to promote the use of briquettes as an alternative source of fuel. The project provided training to members of the local community on converting urban domestic waste into briquettes, which then provides a sustainable alternative to wood and charcoal. The project has fostered collaboration between diverse groups, from civic leaders and civil society to women’s development groups and local government officials, and has provided sources of income to the beneficiaries thereby fostering grassroots economic development.

She has made numerous accomplishments not only in her professional field but in a number of social and civic fields, namely public speaking, advocacy, direct implementation and supervision of development projects, working with the grass root communities and mobilizing them into development initiatives, entrepreneurship, leadership and good governance. She is a person who has several accomplishments locally, nationally and internationally.

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NIC Building, 7th Floor
Pilkington Road
P.O BOX 22500
Kampala, Uganda

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