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Job Collins Okello

31 years
Omoro County
For Constituency Representative (MP) on IND ticket
  • Agriculture and Climate Change
The people of Omoro County are predominantly subsistence farmers. Agriculture is the backbone of our rural economy. However, our farmers are faced with serious challenges of climate change, poor quality and quantity of productions, price fluctuations, and unreliable markets – and our MPs are comfortable with the status quo. Our people must not go hungry, neither should they condemned to abject poverty again. My leadership shall work with the government to ensure increased financing of agriculture and climate change mitigation initiatives. We shall mobilize and engage our communities to form and manage strong cooperative societies. We shall invest skills and energies to making our farmers succeed, not just showing them the way, but also providing leadership to reach our collective destiny.
  • Trade and Urbanization
Omoro County is the gateway to the strategic Gulu Municipality, a significant political and economic city in Northern Uganda. This opportunity must be harnessed to create better access to trade, investments and urbanization opportunities to the people in this constituency and this has huge potential for transforming the lives and fortunes of our youth, women and men. We must empower the people to dominate local and regional trade and make agribusiness and trade, the “new normal” for every family and household in Omoro County. We must empower and connect our people to reliable local and international investors and partners to establish decent housing systems in urban areas, connected to social amenities - clean water, recreation and electricity. We must support our communities to establish strong local industries, so that our young graduates access decent jobs and utilize their knowledge and technical competences to expand growth and development opportunities for generations to come.
  • Quality Health Systems
Omoro County has health facilities from local dispensaries to Health Centre IV levels, with a range of service packages designed to address primary health care needs of the local communities. However, these facilities remain heavily understaffed and lack essential medicines and capacity to effectively delivery quality health care services. Staffs regularly complain of lack of housing to their workers, poor motivation and very low pay. I believe we must ensure a strong quality healthcare system to make our population healthy and strong enough to tackle poverty and achieve common progress. Our people must not travel long distances to access medical care anymore. Our health workers must be motivated and empowered to deliver better performances and keep our society healthy and productive.
  • 21st Century Education
Education is the most important tool to empower citizens and achieve common progress. Our education system is currently faced with significant challenges of poor standards, inequality and low levels of performances. We are creating more incompetent job–seekers than the needed competent job–creators. We must lead the nation in educating our youths, ensuring our citizens get the best opportunity to succeed, build their career and prepare them for jobs in a competitive market. We must introduce incentive packages to motivate teachers to compete in delivery of quality performances. We must take responsibility for our shared future and reign in our long term illiteracy and poverty so that we can afford the investments we need to move our people forward.

Job Collins Okello was born on July 31, 1987 to the late Mzee Santo Collins Okello and Mrs. Alicantorina Akumu, in the Lamur Clan of Puranga Chiefdom, Acholi tribe. He grew up in the small village of Baratero, Lagudde Sub-Ward, Gem Parish, Lalogi Sub-County, in the present day Omoro County, Gulu district; and started his primary education at Minja Primary School in 1994. Due to the increased rebel activities in the region, his Dad moved the family to Gulu town in 1998 where he joined St. Joseph’s Primary School in Class 5. However, relative peace returned and in 1999, his Dad moved back to Opit where he sat his Primary Leaving Examinations. While at Opit, he was a leader, serving as a Class Prefect, Health Prefect and Chairman of Debating Club. He actively supported his father’s sunflower business, making it grow steadily into a powerful trade, before leaving it to join secondary school in 2001.

Job Collins joined Bishop Angelo Negri College in 2001, but moved to St. Joseph’s College Layibi for his Senior Two and Three, before rejoining Negri College again in 2004 where he sat for his O’level examinations, becoming among the only nine students to pass with Division One result. He later joined Gulu High School where he studied History, Economics and Geography; establishing himself as one of the brightest and most eloquent young persons in the school – attributes which made him admired widely by both peers and teachers. He moved to Gulu College in 2006, where he sat his Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education.

By 2007, Job had begun venturing into private businesses again, helping local community groups organize and register as required by the Non-Governmental Organizations Act. He was active in the volunteer wing of Family Planning Association of Uganda (now Reproductive Health Uganda) at its Gulu branch clinic. This earned him great reputation and enabled him get elected to represent the youths of Uganda in the National Council, National Executive Committee, and Africa Regional Youth Forum.

By July 2007, Job had been elected the Eastern African Youth Representative of the International Planned Parenthood Federation – Africa Region (IPPFAR), directly placing him at the forefront of political advocacy and representation of young people’s sexual and reproductive health and rights priorities before governments, civil societies and multinational corporations in eight countries – Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia, Seychelles Island and Malawi, until 2011. During this time, he enrolled at Anglia Ruskin University (United Kingdom) and Excelsior College (New York, USA) where he pursued Law and Business respectively, through distance learning system.

In 2011, Job contested for Northern Uganda Youth Member of Parliament, and had a brief stint at Consumer Education Trust in Kampala, where he served as Programme Officer, before founding the Summit Foundation (SUFO), and assuming the role of the Chief Executive Officer. He successfully led SUFO, overseeing its resource acquisition and expansion of programmes to all the 7 districts of Acholi region. He retired from the CEO role at SUFO in April 2015, to embark on elective politics.

Job retired from active civil society work on April 30, 2015; but remained the Vice Chairman of Uganda Youth Network (UYONET), a position he was elected to by the Annual General Meeting in April 2014. He’s actively and deeply involved with community organizing, development planning and civic empowerment of our youth, men and women.

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