Focus on Joseph Mabirizi

Joseph Mabirizi

44 years
For President on IND ticket
  • Justice for all - and in all affairs
  • Education driven by technology - that works for parents, learners and teachers.
  • Prosperity without corruption.
  • Social security for all, where every Ugandans in can enjoy a decent life on retirement, after job loss, when health is impaired, or any other related situations.
  • Health care for all, beyond the appalling health centers without facilities.
  • Security for all, beyond tear gas and protection of the privileged few.
  • A Living wage for all employees, beyond a so called minimum wage that has also remained elusive for the 30 years of NRM rule.
  • Human Rights and protection of minorities
  • Freedom of choice and expression
  • Press Freedom – we regard the press as the lifeline of democracy.
  • Strong local and regional governments
  • Institutional Representation in parliament and local government councils.
  • African unity and Regional cooperation- We shall work towards a more effective AU and EAC
  • Global partnerships – complementary and mutually beneficial relations with other nations, beyond the war mongering of the present government which has destabilized our neighbors and caused tremendous risk to Ugandans both here and abroad.

Read the candidate's full manifesto here

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Other ways you can reach this candidate

Facebook: ticugandafirst
Cell: Presidential Candidate. +256 772 411 491
Head of Bureau: +256 703 851 851

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