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  • Reunification of Uganda
  • Move Uganda from a military to welfare state
  • Restore unity, cooperation and cooperative movements

I was born female by parents from two extremely contrasting families of Busoga region of Uganda. This makes me a typical Musoga and I am proud to be one.

My mother Her Excellency Irene Florence Wekiya hails from an extremely educated, christened and Westernised family of Luuka district in Busoga. On the contrary, my father Lt Stephen KYALYA Kanobe was a Royal Prince and hereditary heir to the Busambira Kingdom of Busoga that was destroyed during colonial rule. He was therefore a traditional culturalist from an ordinary, semi literate, social background. I am a hybrid of the two cultures and social classes.

I love being called Princess (Omumbedha) Nantono. Nantono; my cultural name, means "small mother of the nations". Its a very precious name across all royal Kingdoms of Busoga currently known as "Inhebantu" (Mother of all people) and used in reference to the wife of a reigning Prince of the Land.

I have three biological children, 42 adopted children from all parts of Uganda and have spent most of my working life within Uganda and the United Kingdom focusing on the development and mentoring of children and young people whom I believe to be the future of our world. DONATE TO SUPPORT Every Little Helps, Please support us . ABOUT more... Comments TODAY IS KYALYA CLEARED BY EC NOMINATION PLANS CAMPAIGN PROGRAMME

I was educated in Buckley High School in Iganga, Had my O' Levels at Iganga Secondary School both in Busoga; I went to Nabisunsa Girls School for A' Levels in Buganda. Was 11th in the country's UNEB 1996 and went to Makerere University to study law from where I left Uganda for the United Kingdom.

I completed my Bachelor of Laws Degree in 2003 at London Guildhall University; I undertook my first Masters degree in Public Service Management specialising in Health and Social Care in 2006. Owing to unpleasant discoveries of the suffering of especially the rural populations of Uganda whilst working as a Presidential Aide in Busoga region, I have embarked on a second Masters degree in Social Work. I am also undertaking a Doctorate in Criminal Justice. 

I hate divist politics of any nature and I therefore inherently non partisan although I have subscribed to the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) as the starting point for my political career and have since been employed by the reigning NRM Governemnt as a Presidential Aide and Advisor. I have consequently founded the African Restoration Party/ Movement; advocating for the reunification of all African States in the search for cultural social, economic, political and other cooperation to save our land from uncontrolled and unprecedented exploitation by our foreign counterparts.

I define my faith as being "spiritualist" which encompasses literally all the relligions that believe in a God or spiritual existence of any form. This is because I do not believe in the theory of "DIVIDE & CONQUER" even within religious practice.

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Address:Plot 7 Kidera Road, Jinja, Uganda. P.O.Box 963 Jinja
Phone: UK: +447724538847
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