Focus on Denis Ekoch

Denis Ekoch

42 years
Dokolo South County
For Constituency Representative (MP) on UPC ticket

Good governance

  • Distribution of resources based on needs (equity)
  • Minimize politics/leadership of patronage 
  • Ensure restoration of true democracy • Dispensation of true justice 


  • Automatic promotion of pupils should be abolished
  • Staff sealing (increase number of teachers based on enrollment)
  • Put in place vocational training schools in all the sub-counties
  • Actualize skilling Uganda program in the district
  • Ensure equal study opportunities across the country
  • General issues on education
  • Make teachers markers of PLE exams
  • Take teachers for attachment in well performing PS
  • Decongest classroom by increasing number of streams
  • Provision of printers at the district level hence promote regular examination (printed)
  • Improve on PLE performance in a scale up manner (create a model schools)


  • Funding Preventive medicine more than curative
  • Provision of adequate medicine
  • Reduction of doctor/nurses/midwife/patients ratio
  • Consideration for creation of health centre II where it deserves
  • Operationalize VHT activities at community level (VHT be paid, well trained and facilitated)
  • Removal of push system but pull system of medicine supplies based on quantification
  • Effective regulation of private practitioners
  • Protect patients from catastrophic health expenditures by private practitioners
  • Improve on Ambulatory system where HCIIIs have ambulances

Poverty reduction

  • Promote value addition on our produce and products
  • Increase agricultural budget
  • Revitalize agricultural extension staff at sub-county level hence improved supervision
  • Efficient use of government fund on agriculture
  • Crop selection based on values
  • Promoting diary animal rearing
  • Timing of supplies i.e. seeds/seedlings and stems by the government agencies
  • Provision of markets for products
  • Advocate for putting up fish factory in Dokolo
  • Protection of fishermen in lake Kwania
  • Giving jobs based on merit


  • Lobby for bringing face technology in Lango sub-region
  • Lobby for bank of Uganda branch in Lango sub-region
  • Lobby for tarmarking of the following roads
  • Dokolo - Nakasongola road through Ferry
  • Kitgum - Masindi
  • Lira - Kotido
  • Revamp and recover all the privatized government factories sold to private investors who failed to operationalize them
  • Payment of Amuka militia

Born on November 28, 1976, in Agee Kwera, Dokolo, Uganda, Ekoch Denis M.O has been a health worker since 2000.

He has served in different capacities; incharge Health Centre and District Health Educator. 

Denis is a graduate of Gulu School of Clinical Medicine. Prior to joining politics, he was working with Amolatar DLG as District Health Educator.

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Tel: +256 779 421 390 


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